"I thank you for my...promotion Kurvious..." - Admiral Darak to Kurvious, 2032

Admiral Darak was the commander of The Fallen's Warship. Darak was once a miner on the Colony, before the Dark Lord came and corrupted the surviving miners. He was never a happy man and he never talked to anyone that much during his time on the Colony. The reason he was appointed the rank of commander was be
Commander darak

Admiral Darak

cause the Dark Lord sensed a great amount of darkness in him, nearly as much as Kurvious, who was the Dark Lord's student and slave. Darak was quickly promoted to admiral from commander by Kurvious, just before the Battle of Outpost IV. Darak was not admiral for long. During the Battle Of Outpost IV, the Warship was boarded by a group of Guardians. With them was Susie. Admiral Darak was killed in the hands of Susie, just before the warship was about to destroy Outpost IV.
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