Admiral riffo

Admiral Riffo onboard EDF capital ship, 2032

"Attack! Attack!" - Riffo during the battle


Amiral Riffo servered in the Earth Defense Force (E,D,F for short) fleet in space. In 2032 he was sent with a fllet of ships to protect Outpost IV from the Fallen. His side won the battle with help of Susie and the Guardians, and Outpost IV was saved.

Battle of Outpost IVEdit

In 2032 he was sent by the E,D,F with Colonel Stapp and a fleet of ships to stop the Fallen and their leader the Dark Lord with Kurvious and the evil Admiral Darak on their massive Warship. This became known as the Battle of Outpost IV.

Admiral Riffo leads the fleet into battle

The start of the battle didn't go too well for him, the Fallen's warship's laser just destroyed his ships with a single blast, his ship's weapons and laser's couldn't penatrate the Warship's strong shields, to add to his troubles the Warship started to bombard Outpost IV which alomost destroys the moon station. Luckily a group of Gurdians including Susie, sneaked aboard the Warship and took down the shields, Riffo saw his chance and ordered all ship to open fire on the Warship while its shields we're down, after seeing the Gurdians escape the Warship he ordered the final bombing, the Warship quickly burst into flames and exploded leaving only the debris left. Riffo would of gone back to normal duties after the battle, untill The virus attack later in 2032.

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