Aspin in the Guardian enclave garden, 2032

"Susie,you have returned..." Aspin to Susie 2032

Aspin was a Guardian, he had powers like the other Guardians, and often stayed in the Guardian enclave, Salvia another Guardian said he was clouded by emotions because of his sudden judgements, when he first met Susie he said that she would bring them doom but Salvia quickly apologized for him, he and other Guardians could sense the coming of the Dark Lord with Kurvious and the Fallen.

He stays with the other Guardians while Susie, White, Salvia and some other Guardians to fight the Battle of Outpost IV, he and other Guardians could sense the Dark Lord`s defeat, after Susie returns he and her become friends.

When Susie went on a rampage killing Guardians to uncover the locations of the Company leaders, Susie soon comes to the enclave to kill him and the other Guardians, he at first is happy that his friend Susie is fine but she shoots him, and then kills the rest of the Guardians.

It is unknown if Aspin knew about the Company leaders exact location. Susie then launches an Attack on the enclave and shoots many Guardians to find the Company leaders and avenge her Dads death, soon she finds out the Company leaders were already dead and her Dad was alive and well, so Aspin and the other Guardians died for nothing.

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