Susie and Scaz enter the Bank of Hill Nothing, 2020

"Yes, this is the place" - Scarlet to Susie`s Dad


The Hill Nothing Bank was known used by many people of the town including Susie's Dad, it may look and seem normal but it is really an entrance to the secret lab built by the Company, behind the bank's vault there is the way in. It was used by Johnson, Howard Scarlet and probably other Company agents. In 2010 Susie and Scaz were captured in it. Then the Russians  attacked it and blew up the secret lab but most of the lab including the Bank remained intact. Later Adam came in, he saw smoke from the vault he opened the vault went into the ruined secret lab and met Johnson.

In 2020 Dark Origin`s leader Howard Gallow wanted some secret codes,and Scaz and Susie had to stop him,after Howard had been stopped the secret lab started to blow up, and the Bank and entrance started to burn.

By 2040 the Bank was in ruins and almost unrecognizable when Scaz returned to Hill Nothing. Plants and small tree's were growing in the building slowy destroying the Bank.