Bishop on the Colony, 2032

"Welcome back,traitor" Bishop to Susie`s Dad

Bishop was a madman who enjoyed the killing of people, he was a member of the new Dark Origin in 2032, he and other members of the new Dark Origin went to the Colony by using a Dark Portal, he and the the other members listened and discussed with their leader Johnson of the the attack on New York, he may of had a grudge against other members Kurvious and Susie`s Dad, later on earth he and other members with Dark Origin troops attacked New York and later the deadly virus was unleashed on New York, he and Johnson and Kurvious and Dark Origin troops attacked Susie and Kyle, then Susie`s Dad betrays Johnson and Dark Origin and teams up with Kyle to find Susie.

Later he and other members attack Susie`s Dad and kyle, Bishop firing two guns killing several infected people, but so many infected attacked and he called Kurvious to help him but Kurvious runs away and Bishop is attacked and killed by infected.

It is unknown if Bishop became infected but was probably dead for good. His dead body may of been buried but probably destroyed when a nuke destroyed the city.