Captain Landson worked for the Company, and soon in 2010 she was placed in command of the massive Company
Captain landson

Captain Landson on the Shadow Sword

space craft the "Shadow Sword" .

the Company ordered her to go off into to space to find a large plannet for minning, so Captain Landson, with second in command Colonel Black and plenty of Company troops left on the Shadow Sword in search for a rock sized planet suitable for mining, soon they found the Colony and quickly began mining operations on the planet, Landson herself and the ship's researcher and scientist Doctor Kelly hardly went down to the Colony, instead she gave orders and commands on the bridge, Landson was uprepared when the virus hit the Colony turning miners infected, many miners on the ship also became infected killing and making personel infected, Landson soon contacted Johnson for help, the Company soon ordered qurantine on the ship which meant that no miners could escape the Colony, but two miners Richard Temple and Jimmy Jezez crash through the ship`s doors on a shuttle causing damage, Landson was furious with this, Richard was presumed to be dead in the crash, but Jimmy survived and was taken to Landson. Soon a strange darkness took over and consumed Landson's body, Landson now insane kill Colonel Black and Alpha team the remaining troops on the ship, Landson quickly leaves the bridge and also leaves Jimmy behind, Lanson sets the ship's course to earth so the virus will reach the planet, Kelly and Jimmy now they must stop her, Lanson pulls out her gun and shoots Jimmy in the chest which quickly kills him, she also shoots Kelly sending her down out cold, later she returns to the bridge and meets Kelly who has managed to recover, Lanson is shocked and terrified that Kelly has programmed the computer to open the air vents which will cut off the oxygen, Lanson enraged shouts and screams knowing that her death is coming, she quickly dies with Kelly.

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