Coast jungle

The group move through the jungle, 2010

"We'll be safe out here" - Reaper 2010

During the deadly virus attack in 2010, some scientists lead by Doctor Emma and were accompanied by an Army Captain with some soldiers, they soon set up a research camp in the Coast jungle while trying to create a cure for the virus, the group thought that they were safe enough in the jungle but soon infected people came hungry for their flesh, Emma and the scientists we're attacked and quickly became inf

Infected in the Jungle!

ected themselves. Most of the soldiers were killed or became infected, the only survivors of the attack was the Captain, Private Fargo and Kevinson. They quickly went into hiding from the hungry infected.

Later a small group of people came to the Coast Jungle planing to try and escape the country, the group consisted of a teenager called Susie, her Dad and a man called Reaper, the two groups of survivors don't have enough time to chat, a large group of infected emerge out of the Jungle and charge towards them, the soldiers with Reaper manage to kill some of them and hold them off, but only for a short while, Fargo and Kevinson are quickly killed, the Captain, with Susie her Dad and Reaper rush back to the Coast for survival unaware of what lay ahead of them.

In 2040, Howard and Claw used a base in the same jungle as a HQ for the newly re-formed Dark Origin, it was later found by Scaz and other survivers who were in search of the two evil leaders.

Jungle base

Claw inside the jungle base, 2040