Susie's Dad in his house, 2010

"I won't leave you again Susie, I promise " - Susie's dad, 2032


Susie's dad went from being a grouchy, short tempered man to being a father who would stop at nothing untill his daughter was safe. Managing to keep Susie and Scaz alive, and of course at the same time himself. All while being chased by hungry infected zombies, and being victims of a world which was quickly collapsing. Susie's dad was believed to be dead when the Shadow Sword was destroyed along with Johnson. However, he was saved by the Dark Portal, just as Johnson and Adam were before the Shadow Sword was destroyed.

Susie's dad appeared in New york, 22 years after the destruction of the Shadow Sword, working with Johnson and the new Dark Origin! However, after realising that Johnson was going to kill Susie, Susie's dad betrayed Johnson by shooting him. Johnson's black shades were knocked off, revealing the terrible truth about Johnson's true identity. Not long after, Susies's dad teamed up with Kyle, and they helped each other stay alive in New york when the virus broke-out across the city. He eventually found Susie in the Company's HQ and saved her before Johnson could kill her, they both mangaged to escape New york before it's destruction.

He lived with Susie for a while, during the days of the Nuclear war. Sadly, he only lived a year into the war, after he died of cancer. He was soon buried in a crowded graveyard, Susie would always come in her spare time to mourn and remember her Father.

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