Dark lord

The Dark Lord onboard the warship of The Fallen, 2032

"I have come to drain you and this world" - Dark Lord to Johnson, Susie and Scaz - 2032

A mysterious person known as "The Dark Lord" and Kurvious's Master, belived to have come from the unknown regions of space. Little is known about it, but it possessed great power, far stronger than any Guardian.

It is known that the Dark Lord murdered Kurvious's parents on a far away planet called Valmcaster V, he then drained all life from the planet using the Darkness, leaving nothing alive. His voice has a disturbing sound which is believed to be the sound of a million souls trapped inside him, which only Kurvious can understand. He was believed to be the leader of The Fallen and traveled on a huge Warship with his army of slaves. The Dark Lord was supposably killed onboard the Warship when Susie and a group of Guardians boarded the vessel, during the Battle Of Outpost IV. A scene of him being caught in an explosion, caused by an attack from an EDF ship.

Somehow the Dark Lord managed to survive the battle, perhaps due to a Dark Portal on the planet below the warship.


Years later, Susie discovers that the Dark Lord (who survived) is infact her Mother, who she had thought died many years before in a car crash. The Dark Lord explains that while it was Susie`s Mum the Dark Portal saved her and sent her and a man at the crash to a faraway plannet and she soon became evil and darkness entered her.

The Dark Lord fights with Johnson in hell so that Johnson could take its power, Scaz Susie`s friend tries to kill the Dark Lord but his gun has no effect, then Claw comes and they all leave hell in a Dark Portal, back in the old town of Hill Nothing, soon the evil Dark Lord see`s her daughter getting hurt by Johnson and he nearly kills her, Susie begs her mother the Dark Lord to help her, the Dark Lord then remembers the old times she had with Susie as a small baby and the darkness leaves the Dark Lord and now it became Susie`s Mum again and kills Johnson, then one of Johnson`s men attacks them both and fires a rocket launcher at Susie`s Mum killing her, Susie then finds out the darkness needs a host and she will become the new Dark Lord she tells Scaz and Claw to leave so she could die to prevent the risk of a new Dark Lord.

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