GZ in chemical storage area, 2020

"The virus which could of ended human life!" GZ to Susie 2032

Dark OriginEdit

GZ was a very strange and deadly man, he had the power to read minds and controll people, and he could even see the future, he would always have a bubble glass dome around his head and oxygen packs flowing air into his glass dome, GZ was a member of the first Dark Origin under Howard Gallow, in 2020 he and Dark Origin took over the Nuculear facility island, Dark Origin wanted the American Goverment to hand over 1 billion dollars and information about the Shadow Sword, and if the Goverment refused Dark Origin would lauch a nuke at a city, GZ `s power proved to be very useful for Howard, GZ managed to obtain captured Agent Darrell `s code for a nuke, while other Dark Origin member Claw had failed, later Howard wanted GZ to get Doctor Jerry`s code for the nuke, before GZ could capture Doctor Jerry (who was hiding in the building) a woman called Susie sent to stop Dark Origin comes across GZ, Susie`s friend Steve Temple tried to help Susie but GZ mind controlls him and uses Steve to try and kill Susie, Susie is forced to knock out Steve, GZ then talks to Susie, he tells her about what happened in 2010 about The virus and asks her about Adam, Johnson and the Colony and the Shadow Sword, he predicts that the virus will hit earth again, Steve now no longer in GZ`s power shoots GZ sending GZ down, Susie angry with Steve says that he could of helped them to stop Howard, the dying GZ tells them to stop Howard so that the return of the virus would be stopped.

His death was briefly mentioned by Howard who was enraged of his death.

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