The Chief of the African G.B.S.S, 2020

"All G.B.S.S. officers in the Dustin Valley area" 2020

The Global Biohazard Security Service, G.B.S.S. for short were formed in 2011 after the Eradication of the virus, they were formed to prevent anything like the virus starting again, they may of had connections with another Force called Spec-ops, although the virus was gone a number of terrorist groups formed up quite quickly like Dark Origin or the Eagles Of Heaven so the G.B.S.S. were always kept busy fighting!

The G.B.S.S had a number of agents serving for them such as Rex, or former Spec-ops agents Susie and James Young. They had posts all over the world such as Africa in Dustin Valley where seveal officers were including Susie Rex and James were posted, in post`s like in Africa the G.B.S.S. officers would be commanded by senior officers, in Africa Susie`s senior officer was the Chief.


In 2020 the G.B.S.S. may of had their biggest victory after the terrorist group Dark Origin and their leader Howard Gallow were defeated and their plan to launch a nuke and bring the deadly virus back were stopped all thanks to one of their best officers Susie who the President of the United States of America sent her for the mission shared his thanks with her and the G.B.S.S. , however Susie soon felt she could do more with her life and left and later James and Rex also left but they had plenty other good agents left for service.

The G.G.S.S. service would have been disbanded in 2035 once Johnson the new evil ruler of The Company took controll.

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