Hill nothing

Hill Nothing aftermath, 2020

"A town is not lost, it is just forgotten" - Scaz to Susie, 2020


Hill Nothing is a remote mountain town in north America. It had little history and not much of a community, due to it's tiny population of just over five hundred people, and a small police force.

Even though Hill Nothing's population is tiny, the town itself is huge, and most of it abandoned. Once home to thousands, the evil Company bought most buildings and houses in the town for it's staff. 

There are three main areas in Hill Nothing. The Hill Nothing highstreet, the mainstreet and the suburbs. There is a bank, a hotel, the Hospital of Hill Nothing, a Graveyard, and of course there is the Hill Nothing highschool.

Hill Nothing was unprepared for the deadly virus attack on the town. After the attack, Hill Nothing was doomed to remain an unpopulated ghost town where only the dead remained. In 2020 after 10 years of not been disturbed, Susie and Scaz return to the lost town to stop Howard Gallow leader of Dark Origin.

In the year 2035 Johnson the new evil ruler of the Company made his main HQ at Hill Nothing. So Susie Scaz and Claw had to return to the lost town to stop Johnson and soon the Dark Lord. After Johnson and the Dark Lord were eventually stopped, Hill Nothing was left deserted again.

By 2040 after the Global Killer device bomb was launched, what remained of Hill Nothing was nearly all in ruins but the actual town buildings still remained standing and recognizable although they were slowly crumbling. Some miners and a man called Blake arrived to the town for mining down in the Secret lab located under the abandoned Bank. Soon Scaz later returned, but he would quickly face new nightmares.

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