Hill Nothing suburbs aftermath, 2010

"I can't belive we`re back here..." -Susie to Scaz after returning to the suburbs, 2035

This was where Susie, her Dad, Mum, Henrey and Jessie along with many other people use to live before the virus attack in 2010, like the rest of Hill Nothing, the suburbs we're not safe from infected, during the night of the outbreak, while Susie and Scaz we're making out, an infected woman quickly breaks in hungry for human flesh, it attacks Scaz just before Susie shoots it, then they escape, at one point during the night Susie's Dad returns to check the news on his tv, when the Secret lab (which was built under the suburbs) was blown up many homes including Susie's, went on fire.

Years later in 2035 when Susie, Scaz and Claw came back to stop Johnson Susie and Scaz came here for some time, Susie`s house was in depair, the house was still standing but was badly burnt, the furniture was slowly rotting away and vegetation was growing in the kitchen. Scaz briefly came in just before Captain Lynch and his men came to kill them and Susie and Scaz had to fight.

Scaz made a third return here in 2040 when he was sent back into his old town of Hill Nothing, he came here with Henrey to recover some old photo's.