Soldier Joe

Joe inside the bar, 2032

"Good, you're back!"- Joe to Susie and her Dad, New York subway 2032

Joe was part of a special team sent into the virus infested cut off New York to check out the situation, Joe knew he and his team had to leave the city soon for a nuke would hit the city at sunrise, soon he and his team was down to just three men, he soon met Susie in a abandoned bar just as a destroyer attacked, he told Susie how he and his group will escape the city, he takes her to the subway and meet fellow surviving team members Lee and Quade, Joe explains that since the streets are full of infected, they must take the subway to travel to an Helicopter airfield which was deserted by all personnel after the recent Battle of New York, Susie explains that she has to leave but will be back soon, later a small group arrives, they we're a woman called Doctor Alexia, a man called Kyle and a strange man who turns out to be Susie's Dad, soon Susie's Dad leaves to find Susie, Susie and her Dad quickly return, Joe manages to find a battery for the train so they can escape, as they reach the station which leads out to the airfield, a Destroyer arrives, it kills Lee and Quade, Alexia quickly kills it, Joe and the group safely reach the airfield, and briefly encounter Susie's enemies Johnson and Claw, Joe and the group quickly get on a helicopter and escape the city before it is destroyed.

Joe later joined the rebals and joined the war against Johnson's ruthless company in 2035. Joe became a well respected member in the rebellion, and was known best for his skills as a pilot.


Joe was involved in the attack on Johnson's base in the Badlands in 2035. He provided air support in his shuttle for the other troops during the battle. As Scaz, Susie and Claw entered the base, Joe remained close to the base keeping the area secure. When Johnson activated his trap, which detonated a series of explosions, Joe's shuttle was caught in one of the explosions which quickly destroyed his shuttle, killing him almost instantly.

Joe's death

Joe is killed by Johnson's trap, 2035

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