Kurvious walks the corridors of the Warship, 2032

Kurvious was a Valkhime slave of the Dark Lord and leader of The Fallen's military forces. Kurvious was born on the remote planet Valmcaster V, home of the Valkhimes.

Kurvious was only young when the Dark Lord arrived on his planet. The Dark Lord killed his parents and went to drain the all life on Valmcaster V. Kurvious had his life spared, but was forced to become the Dark Lord's slave and cursed with the power of immortality.

The Dark Lord then took Kurvious away on his Warship, to assist him hunting down and destroying The Fallen's enemies. Kurvious then became the Dark Lord's servant, as well as his student. It wasn't long until the ancient order called The Guardians learned of the existence of the Fallen and the Dark Lord. While the rest of the world was unaware of this, a secret war began between the two factions raged on for years, until the Guardians numbers fell to only a few.

After the defeat of the Dark Lord, during the Battle of Outpost IV in 2032, Kurvious went through the Dark Portal and ended up on the Colony. He joined the terrorist organization Dark Origin, quickly after meeting its infamous leader Johnson. He quickly replaced the member Laughing Purple, shortly after her death. Kurvious would remain loyal to his new master Johnson, but not until Susie caught up with Kurvious and his true intentions were revealed. He would only continue working with Dark Origin until The Fallen would return, and he would finally be the leader. Unfortunately for Kurvious, his immortality didn't save him from the nuclear warhead that destroyed New york and anything living in it.

2042 & Return of The Fallen Edit

In 2042, it was revealed the Kurvious was still alive. He had been saved by surviving followers of the Fallen, just before New York city's destruction in 2032. He had spent the next ten years planning his revenge and organizing an attack on Earth. Just before he launched his attack on Earth, Kurvious returned home to Valmcaster V. He visited the bodies of his Mother and Father, promising them that he would get his revenge for himself, and his people.

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