Laughing purple

Laughing Purple in Africa, 2032

"More for me to kill" - Laughing Purple

Laughing Purple was a member of the new Dark Origin led by Johnson. Purple seemed to be very violent and enjoyed killing. Purple was also quite bold and proud to work for Dark Origin, she even attacked a captured Dark Origin warehouse in New York 2032 singlehanded despite going against larger numbers, and attacked Susie, Adam, Doctor Alexia and General James Young. Adam soons wounds her and she reveals that she is part of the new Dark Origin and runs away laughing before they can stop her.

Laughing Purple like the rest of Dark Origin went to Africa in search of a Dark Portal to get to The Colony. In Africa Purple came across Doctor Alexia again and her Desert scouts. Purple quickly opens fire and kills one of the Desert scouts without hesitation, but this time Purple's luck ran out. Alexia angrily returns fire on Purple shooting her in the arm forcing her to drop her gun. Now helpless against Alexia, Purple tries to en

Purple is shot by Alexia

dure the pain but Alexia simply shoots Purple with a hail of bullets sending her screaming in pain to the ground dead. Her death did not cause Johnson any worries as she would soon be replaced by Kurvious.