Master alzark

Master Alzark in the council chambers at the Guardian enclave, 2032

"Your reign of terror ends here Susie!" - Alzark to Susie 2032

Master Alzark a Guardian and was a Guardian Council member, he spent much of his time with Master Helena, Master Kristian and Master Talam in the Guardian enclave, when White brought Susie to the enclave, Alzark knew about Susie and the fall of Howard Gallow at Hill Nothing, so he had great respect for Susie, he and the other Guardians could sense the Dark Lord comming with Kurvious and the Fallen to destroy Outpost IV, he stayed in the enclave while White, Susie, Salvia and two other Guardians left to stop the Dark Lord, this became known as the battle of Outpost IV.

Alzark and the other Guardian council members never told Susie where the Company leaders were hiding, they never told her since they were a peaceful group and hated violence, Susie wanted to avenge her Dad`s death. Susie`s old enemy Johnson informs Susie that the Guardians knew where the Company leaders were hiding so Susie goes on a dark quest killing the gurdians and starts by murdering Talam and White, Alzark quickly loses all respect for Susie, he and the other last two Guardians Helena and Kristian attack Susie, they shoot and wound Susie several times but he is shot and killed by Susie.

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