Master helena

Master Helena in the Guardian enclave Council chambers, 2032

"No Susie!" Helena to Susie 2032

Helena was a Company agent sent by the Company to spy among the Guardians in 2032, she quickly met the Guardians, went through their training and became a Guardian herself, she soon became very loyal to the Guardians and became part of the Guardian council, and made friends with White and Master Talam, she spent most of her time in the Guardian enclave, later White brought a woman called Susie to the enclave for training, she and other Guardians could sense a evil darkness coming, so Susie, White, Salvia and two other Guardians go to stop the darkness, this became known as the battle of Outpost IV.

Later when Susie finds out from here old enemy Johnson that the Guardians knew where the Company leaders we`re` hiding, since Susie wanted the Company leaders dead to avenge her father`s death Susie goes on a dark quest killing all of the Guardians, Helena was one of the very few Guardians to fight back at Susie, Helena with Master Alzark and Master Kristian the last three Guardians fight with Susie, they wound Susie several times but she kills Alzark and Helena runs away leaving Kritian to his doom, outside Helena says that darkness is taking over Susie`s body, Susie tells Helena to tell here where the Company leaders are hiding, Helena reveals that she is a Company agent and she won`t tell Susie their location, Susie quickly shoots Helena, killing her.

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