Susie's mum, 2035

Lucy, also known as "Susie's mum" was born and raised in Hill Nothing. She spent most of her life in the town, but sometimes traveled to New york on business, due to being a lawyer. Sadly, Lucy died in New York when a large truck crashed into her car, killing her. Her body was never found due to the fire that the accident caused. A grave was placed for her in New York (which Susie would visit) not long after her death.


Years later, Susie discovers that the Dark Lord is in-fact her mother!

When Susie, her old friend Scaz and Claw go to the old town of Hill Nothing to stop Johnson, the group use a Dark portal to escape from the Dark Lord. It takes them all to Hell. Soon they meet Johnson yet again. The Dark Lord comes and identifies itself as Susie`s Mother. She then explains when the accident happened she was saved by the Dark portal which took her and another man at the accident to a far away planet. Not longer after this, they both became insane. Lucy was consumed by The Darkness and killed the man. Claw comes and they all quickly leave just before Johnson fights the Dark Lord. They return to Hill Nothing the Dark Lord sees her daughter Susie getting hurt by Johnson. The Dark Lord remembers her old days with Susie as a baby and briefly becomes Susie`s Mum again. She attacks Johnson, kicking him off the building sending the evil Devil to his death. Susie and her Mother share a happy moment until one of Johnson`s men fires a rocket launcher at Susie`s Mum, sending her like Johnson off the building to her death, and a heart broken Susie is forced to watch.

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