New York is a State in the North-eastern region of the United states of America and named after the Duke of York. It was highly populated, New York was bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south. A majority of the Road to Hill Noth

A nuke destroys New York 2032

ing series was also set in New York.

The Company, the world's leading weapons manufacturer had a series of underground bunkers and headquarters directly under New York.

Susie's Mum a lawyer, often travelled to the city for business. At some point before 2010, she was involved in a car crash and presumed dead. A memorial was erected for her.

In 2010, New York along with the rest of North America and the world was struck by the deadly virus. Hordes of New Yorkers became infected crazed zombies hungry for human flesh. In order to control the situation, the city was burned in order to kill all infected. Following the eradication of the virus in 2011, the city would be rebuilt. The Earth Defense Force (EDF) stationed a base to protect the city from future attacks.

In 2032, Johnson leader of the terrorist organization Dark Origin launched a attack on the city triggering a massive battle. The terrorists also unleashed the virus once again on New York. The city once again burned as the terrorists, infected, police and EDF forces battled. A military unit under the command of Joe were sent in by the authorities to review the extent of the infected outbreak. The US government deemed the situation hopeless and placed the city under quarantine to be destroyed by a nuke the following morning.

Susie and her Dad along with their allies fought against Dark Origin and the infected. They reached an airfield left unguarded by the authorities and escaped by helicopter. However, Johnson and fellow terrorist Claw also escaped before morning.

New york 1

Susie drives through the streets of New York

The destruction of New York would mark the start of the Nuclear war that would ravage North America and mark the rise of Johnson. The remains of New York was reduced to a desert wasteland known as the Badlands.

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