Night angel

Night Angel on the Colony, 2032

"There you are!" - Night Angel to Susie before her death

Dark originEdit

Night Angel was a human female, who had undergone extreme surgery to make her skin blue, most likely due to madness. She was part of the new Dark Origin, she was a killer and joining Dark Origin was a perfect job for her, she met on the Colony by using a Dark Portal she and other members and their leader Johnson discuss their plans, she and other member Kurvious may of had a grudge against each other, later back on earth she and other members attacked New York city, she and other members captured Susie and brought her to Johnson in the underground garden, soon after Susie escaped she was sent to kill her, she soon caught up with Susie and tried to shoot her, but Susie was too quick and fired her gun at Night Angel killing her and she fell down dead.

She was briefly mentioned by Johnson who didn`t seem to worry about her death, her body was incinerated when a nuke destroyed the city later.