Sneak attack

Outside the facility, 2020

The Nuclear weapons facility mission happend in 2020, between the terrorist group Dark Origin and the American government.

The IslandEdit

The island is located 20 miles off the united states, it is well hidden and does not show up on any maps. The American goverment used the island to store nuclear warheads, around 200 warheads were stored on the island during 2020. Most of the island is jungle, with hardly any wildlife there. Some nuclear tests may have been done on another part of the island.

The Nuclear Weapons facilityEdit

The Nuclear Weapons facility covered half of the island itself. It had thick stone walls, huge metal doors and watchtowers with spotlights, much like a Nazi prison camp during the 1940s. The facility itself was mainly protected with CCTV, although there were a dozen troops in the facility, they didn't stand a chance against the Eagles Of Heaven army and Dark Origin's forces during the attack in 2020. The main control lab for the facility would have been Doctor Jerry's Computer lab, which was used for creating computer simulations and inputing the passcodes for the nuclear warheads.
Computer lab 2

Doctor Jerry runs from the Ninja, 2020