Outpost IV

Susie walks the backstreets on Outpost IV, 2032

"Hey we're near Outpost IV" - Susie to White and General James Young 2032

Outpost IV is a industrial moon station in space located not too farway from Earth, it is a good place for tired and weary traveller's to get rest and repair their shuttle's after long journeys in space, but since it is far from earth, it is also full of crime and gangsters, due to the crime, Outpost IV has its own security force under the command of Commander Flyod to keep the peace and protect Outpost IV civillians, Outpost IV is also home to many notable residents, such as Stephen Cornel.

In 2032, after being attacked by The Fallen, White and Susie arrive here for help after, as soon as they landing on the station in a small shuttle officer Kate comes to them and says they have to pay a $100 landing fee, and when Kate finds out they have no money she tells them to leave, Susie threatens Kate so they could land which White disaproves off. Soon the New York crimelord only known as The Boss who was on the moon station for buisness hears of his former worker Susie's arrival. He hires a Bounty hunter and goes off to kill her, the Boss with the Bounty hunter find Susie with White and prepare to kill them, but White with his many fighting skills attacks the Bounty hunter and disa
The boss

The Boss on Outpost IV

rms him, The Boss tries to shoot Susie, but Stephen Cornel who is an old friend of White comes to his aide and quickly kills the Boss with his own gun. White and Susie grateful for his help, decide they better get into a safer area, Stephen takes them for drinks and discuss information in Rainbow's cantina, the three then share information about The Fallen and its leader the Dark Lord, soon the group realize the Dark Lord on his Warship is coming and shall dest
Battle of outpost iv

The back streets of Outpost IV burn during the battle

roy Outpost IV then move on to attack Earth! White and Susie soon meet Commander Flyod and contact the Earth Defense Force for help, Susie and White quickly return to earth to train Susie as a Guardian.

Later Susie now a Guardian, with White and a small group of Guardians return with an E,D,F force battle fleet. They battle against the Fallen, while the giant Warship bombards the small moonstation, this becomes known as the Battle of Outpost IV but Susie and the Guardians board the warship and attack the Fallen, and disable the ship's shields and giant laser, they also fight against the Dark Lord but although its more powerful than them they manage to fight it, Susie and the group quickly flee the burning warship as the E,D,F, bombard it and escape before it blew up, although Outpost IV was saved it suffered a lot of damage and had to be repaired. After the rebuilding Outpost IV would return as a moon station.

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