Outpost iv security

Outpost IV security officers on patrol, 2032

"Yeah and we`re aloud to speak to the security commander" White to Susie 2032

Outpost IV security force are in charge of keeping the peace in the industrial moon station, since Outpost IV was so faraway from plannet earth, many criminals and gangsters including the Boss commited crimes here and there was not enough officers to protect law abbiding civialians living on the station, Commander Flyod was placed in charge of the officers, the security force even had a security station for contacting earth, in 2032 the force were completely unaware of a attack from the Fallen with Kurvious and the evil Dark Lord on a massive warship, soon Susie and White arrived informing them of the attack, they with Flyod contact the Earth Defense Force to come and defend the moon station, some officers may of been kiled during the Battle of Outpost IV, after the battle was won the officers and Flyod would of gone back to normal duties.

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