Richard Temple shoots an infected, 2010

"This place gives me the creeps..." - Richard to himself on the Colony 2010

Richard Temple, brother of Steve Temple, was a miner working on the Colony. He was there with fellow miners including Stephen Cornel, the company had built a massive spaceship called the Shadow Sword, the Shadow Sword soon found the Colony and Richard with other miners began work, although Richard recieved good money for his work he would often grumble and complain about there being no toilets or other facility's on the Colony, he even thought his work was boring, one day as Richard and other miners including his friend Jimmy Jezez were at work a virus was unleashed on the Colony turning many miners into deadly infected, him and his friend had to survive on the Colony fighting off the infected miners, later he and his friend Jimmy Jezez escaped out of the Colony on a shuttle to the Shadow Sword, but the ship had sealed its entrance forcing surviving miner to remain on the Colony, but Richard had decided to crash through the ship to get in, the blast killed and injured some miners and a few Company troops and not to mention many shuttle's we're destroyed, at first Richard was presumed dead in the crash, and Jimmy was taken away, but he survived only to be shot dead by a Company grunt with a passion to kill, his legacy would later be carried out by his brother Steve.

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