Rthn apocalypse series

Scaz in the new Road to Hill Nothing: Apocalypse series...

Road to Hill Nothing: Apocalypse is a mini-series made up of six episodes. It features original characters from the old series, such as Scaz, Claw and Howard Gallow, returning as the main villain. The series was cancelled just before it's end (due to a large data loss). Two years later, the final episode was remade which completed the series.


It is the year 2040. Five years have passed since the death of Johnson and the fall of the Company. Scaz and the rebals have slowly rebuilt the world and created a peace across the globe. One day Scaz is sent back to his old home town of Hill Nothing to recover some files from the ruins of an old Company lab. Scaz is tricked into re-opening a sealed part of the facility, which unleashes an Armageddon of creatures, known from the first volume as the experiments. These creatures escape the old facility and begin to destroy every living thing, Scaz realizes it is up to him to save the world from the Apocalypse! After the Underground city is destroyed by the Experiments, Scaz, Rose and a few other survivors head across the wasteland which was once Tharis, killing every deadly creature in site. Later the group make it to the Coast where they discover Dark Origin's secret Jungle base. After being held captive by Dark Origin's leader Howard Gallow, Scaz fights his old nemesis, while the base's self-destruct sequence counts down. Scaz manages to escape the base before it's destruction, but Howard's body is destroyed in the blast. Claw manages to escape once again, leaving Scaz wondering if there will ever be an end to the fighting. The survivors of the Apocalypse go on to rebuild what is left of the world.

The first episode of the Apocalypse series was released on YouTube on the 12th of August 2011. After 5 spectacular episodes, the final episode was cancelled due to a major data loss. Two years later, the final 6th episode was remade and the series was finally completed.

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