Salvia at the Guardian enclave, 2032

"I don`t know where the Company leaders are...please Susie!" a wounded Salvia to Susie 2032

Salvia was part of the mighty race of the Guardians, she like many of her fellow Guardians had powers, she was friends with Aspin and White and had great respect for Master Talam, she was very peaceful and unlike her Guardian friend Aspin she did not judge so quickly as he did, when White brought Susie to their Guardian enclave for her to become a Guardian, she with Susie, White and two other Guardians went out into space to stop their most deadly enemy the Dark Lord, Kurvious his slave and the Fallen from destroying Outpost IV, with an Earth Defense Force (E,D,F, for short) space fleet and Admiral Riffo the Guardians board the Dark Lord`s Warship and kill many of the Fallen and even kill the Fallen`s Admiral Darak, thay battle with the Dark Lord and she finds out their powers and weapons can`t stop the Dark Lord, Salvia even saves Susie when the Dark Lord tried to kill her, soon ,E,D,F ships opens fire on the Warship which sent the Dark Lord down, they nearly capture Kurvious and the Warship explodes, this event became known as the Battle of Outpost IV.

Soon after Salvia and Susie became friends, and Susie became an official Guardian, although Susie was powerfull Talam sensed darkness was in her because she wanted revenge for her Dad`s death and to kill the Company leaders, most of the Guardians knew where the Company leaders where hiding and did not tell her where they where ,since the Guardians were a peacful group and only used their powers and weapons for good they decided not to tell her, when Susie finds out from her old enemy Johnson that the Guardians never told her the truth and Susie goes out to kill them, she kills Talam fist then her friend White, she goes back to the enclave and meets Aspin who is glad she returned, Susie shoots him and kills all of the Guardians, a shocked Salvia see`s the dead bodies of her friends and is shot by Susie, the wounded Salvia begs Susie to stop the killing and tells Susie she does not know where the Company leaders are, and Susie with darkness in her body cowardly shoots the helpless Salvia in cold blood.

Later Susie finds out that her Dad is alive and well and the Company leaders were dead years ago Salvia and the Guardians have died for nothing.

Years later it seems that Susie wished she never killed Salvia and the Guardians.

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