Shadow sword series

The Shadow Sword series (2010)

The Shadow Sword series is set months before The virus hit earth and Hill Nothing, it shows what really happened on The Colony and reveals the mystery of the disappearence of the Shadow Sword crew, it has several new characters and it shows old characters such as Johnson.


It is the year 2010, miners work on the Colony, the Shadow Sword flies above the plannet, it seems normal but one day miners go missing, personnel on the ship soon go mad, the missing miners return and stalk the plannet as hungry infected! hunting down any miner in sight, witness what really happened on the Shadow Sword, witness miners Richard Temple and Jimmy Jezez fight for survival against hungry infected, witness what really hapened to its crew, find out what really happened to Captain Landson and will Doctor Kelly stop the now insane Captain from taking the virus to earth?... find out!

The series was released on YouTube on 6th April 2009.

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