"Something out there corrupted them...a darkness" - Stephen to Susie and White, 2032

Stephen was once a miner who worked on the Colony. He was close friends with the two other miners, Richard Temple and Jezez, but he was unable to help them when the virus broke out on the Colon
Stephen cornel

Stephen at Rainbow's Cantina on Outpost IV, 2032

y, due to being in the engine room on the Shadow Sword. Stephen managed to escape from the Shadow Sword when it came under attack from infected! He escaped with a few other miners in a shuttle and crashed down on the Colony. Stephen and two miners who survived the crash headed for the Colony grounds where they found nothing but blood and bodies. About a month after the fall of the Colony, the EDF sent a small rescue force to the Colony, after recieving a distress signal that Stephen had created. But when the rescue force arrived, only Stephen and six other miners were rescued. The other hundred that were supposed to have survived had dissapeared...but they would be back. Years later, Stephen meets Susie and a Guardian called White on Outpost IV. He tells them what happend on the Colony and who their new enemy was. A group known as "The Fallen", who Stephen explains were once miners on the Colony but were corrupted by a darkness on the edge of space. Stephen managed to survive at the Battle of Outpost IV in 2032.
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