Steve temple

Steve being mind controlled, 2020

"OK...I belive you" - Steve to Susie 2020

Steve Temple brother of Richard Temple, was a member of a special Police security unit.


Steve survived the virus attack in 2010 but had recieved no information about his brother Richard a miner on the Colony. After the attack Steve would join the Police. Within a short period of time he would be promoted and become part of a high ranking unit.

In 2020 Steve along with the rest of his unit were posted to the Nuclear facility island off the coast of North America. His orders were to maintain security and protection of the island.

Later in 2020, Dark Origin forces under the command of terrorist Howard Gallow invaded the island. Steve alongside the rest of his unit attempted to defend the facility against the terrorists but the small force was quickly overpowered. Steve did manage to escape and hide in the facility but his fellow officers were killed.

Soon Susie an special agent came to the island to stop Howard and Dark Origin she meets Steve who at first thinks she is a terrorist at holds her at gunpoint! she tells him she's not and he says he had been hiding in a office building, they both team up and go to stop Dark Origin, they both have to fight many Grunt troops, soon Susie meets Dr Jerry who worked at the facility before Howard attacked, Susie tells Steve to take care of Jerry, soon Dark Origin member GZ comes and attacks Susie, Susie see`s that GZ can dodge all her bullets and then goes to read her minds, Steve then attacks GZ but Steve gets mind controlled and attacks Susie, Susie is forced to hit him several times untill he is out of his trance, soon out of GZ`s controll and back to his normal self Steve angrilly shoots GZ and this time it kills him.

Then Howard enters the room shooting Steve killing him instantly with a hail of bullets.

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