The fallen

Soldiers of The Fallen onboard the cargo freighter, 2032

"I am the last of the Fallen" - Fallen troop to Susie 2035


The Fallen were once miners on the Colony. When the Company unleashed The virus on the Colony grounds, many miners died or became infected. Those who survived became corrupt by The Darkness when the evil Dark Lord arrived on his Warship and made them into his own personal army.

Their leader was the evil Dark Lord and his slave Kurvious. With their dark leader, the Fallen would become feared throughout the galaxy by deep space travelers and the Guardians. Their Dark leader would take them from colony to colony, corrupting other humans to add to the Fallen army.

It is known they were at war with the Guardians for many years, which resulted in the near destruction of the Guardian order.

In 2032, they captured a space freighter by using special technology to make themselves invisible on board. They murdered the entire crew. This was when they first encountered Susie, after she was sent by the E.D.F. with her friend James Young to investigate.

Most of the Fallen were killed on their Warship with the Dark lord during the Battle of Outpost IV, when the E.D.F. fleet and Susie with the Guardians prevented them from destroying Outpost IV and from launching an attack on Earth. However, a small group of the Fallen known as the Elite troops had managed to survive the destruction of the ship, due to a Dark Portal on the planet below, which teleported them to Earth.

It is unknown what happened to the rest of the surviving Fallen troops after the Battle of Outpost IV, but it is rumored they ventured back out into deep space in search of a new leader.


In the year 2035, Johnson the evil ruler of the Company informed Susie that the last of Fallen had returned, Johnson decided she could deal with them, meanwhile the last of the Fallen attacked Susie`s friends, Kyle, Scaz and Rebecca. Susie's friends watched the Fallen enter a tomb called the Tomb of Darkness. Susie told them to leave and get ready to attack Johnson's base. Susie then went in to investigate. The last of the Fallen quickly attacked. Susie killed many of them, until the last member gave up and told Susie that they come there to open up the gates of hell, and that their leader the Dark Lord came there years before and found Johnson as a child under the tomb in hell. Claw soon arrived and killed the last Fallen troop.

Return of The Fallen 2042 Edit

In 2042, it was revealed the Kurvious was still alive. He had been saved by surviving followers of the Fallen, just before New York city's destruction in 2032. He had spent the next ten years planning his revenge and organizing an attack on Earth under the command of his new master the Dark King.

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