Warship of The Fallen, 2032

"All ships attack the vessel at once!" - Admiral Riffo during battle 2032


The massive ship was an Elite-class warship, built for crushing any enemy ship into dust. The Fallen and their leader the evil Dark Lord appeard in the warship on the edge of space, they quickly began hunting down the Guardians and anyone else they came across. Admiral Darak was placed incharge of the ship, while Kurvious was in control of the Fallen's troops. Any passing ship crossing them would be destroyed, including EDF ships! The mysterious warship came from Unknown regions of space. It is unknown where it was built, or who really constructed it, but its origins and powerfull laser were of alien design.


The entire warship was destroyed by the Earth Defense Force in 2032, during the Battle of Outpost IV with the help of Susie and the Guardians and Admiral Riffo. Everyone on the ship was killed, however the Dark Lord somehow survived the destruction of the ship, and Kurvious was saved by a Dark Portal which teleported him to The Colony.

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