White talks to Susie at the Guardian enclave, 2032

"Susie, you have to calm down!" - White to Susie shortly before his death, New York 2032

White was a senior Guardian, he is wise kind and skilled at fighting. Susie first met him on a space frieghter he told her and General Young to run after the evil Kurvious attacked, he appears again as the Fallen attack and kill General Young, he and Susie escape the ship and reach Outpost IV and they get attacked by the New York crimelord the Boss and his bounty hunter, White deals with the Bounty hunter and his friend Stephen Cornel comes and kills the Boss, White and Susie soon become friends and head to Eath then to the Guardian enclave, this is where Susie first meets the Guardians ,soon White and the guardians train her and she becomes a powerfull Guardian, Susie helps White and the Guardians at the battle of Outpost IV, they defeat their enemy The Fallen, kill Admiral Darak destroy the Fallen's Warship and nearly capture Kurvious but they manage to defeat the evil Dark Lord.

Later Susie finds out from her old enemy Johnson that the Guardians knew where the Company leaders were located, they never told her because they knew she would want revenge and since they were a peaceful group they didn`t want to tell her, an very angry Susie then goes out and meets Master Talam a council Guardian friends with Susie and White and White they are both glad that she is fine they both came to make sure she was alright, Susie asks if they did know where the Company leaders were they admit they did know but they also knew she would want revenge, an enraged Susie shoots and kills Mastar Talam with a single shot. Despite Susie killing his old friend Talam he refuses to fight back and instead he begs her to stop. Susie then shoots White in the gut and the recoil of the shot sends White back making him fall off the building and crashing into the streets below where he died instantly.

Shortly after White's death Susie launches an attack on the Guardian enclave killing all of the Guardians present at the enclave. By 2035 it seemed that Susie had regretted killing White and the Guardians.

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